Vintage Hair Styles

Lately I have been into trying out vintage hair styles!  So here is one of my recent attempts at a 1940’s look.  I definitely could have used more poof in the bottom portion.

Recently I was watching the 1945 State Fair which I love.  Wouldn’t it be lovely if people still dressed and acted that way.  Last time we were at the North Carolina State Fair  it was fun colorful and loud, but how fun I think it would be to have a vintage themed State Fair.  Dressing up would be part of the fun.  I once visited Mackinac Island in Michigan.  They do not allow cars on the island so you really do step back into the time period in a way.


Here (below) is a fun little video I put together from our visit to the North Carolina State fair last fall.

My mother in law and I joked about how we could feel our faces breaking out just walking through the food section of deep fried everything… Bacon Wrapped Chocolate double deep fried Reese’s… no joke.  I can feel me arteries clogging just talking about it lol.

I was ecstatic to see that they had a fairy house contest section along with the carved pumpkins, and by that I mean legit carved pumpkins with serious sculpting art.  Anyway regarding the fairy houses, that is another passion of mine that is attempted from year to year with the kids help and they slowly become tousled and dismantled but we love making miniature setups of all kinds around here.

I did get a chance to capture some fun engagement pictures at the fair which I loved.  But can I say, the North Carolina State fair is HUGE… I mean about 6 of each ride at least.  6 carousels, 6 Ferris wheels etc.  I felt a bit stuck in a huge maze of craziness so as a mother of little ones, we did not attempt coming during the opening or closing weekends but during the week in the day it was a lot of fun and not too crowded.

North Carolina State Fair from Rebecca Mabey on Vimeo.

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